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Open a Branch

Start an SPF Branch at your high school or university and take the chance join a network of motivated students around the world. 

Leave your philanthropic mark on the world. 


Fill out the application:

Are you passionate about charity work? Are you a university student looking to start something meaningful or an IB

student seeking to fulfill CAS requirements? If yes, apply now to start your own SPF branch.


Create SPF social media accounts for your branch.

Instagram and Facebook accounts are a great way to inform people at your school or university that you are starting a branch. Using social media you can recruit members, advertise events and share important information! 


Recruit motivated members and build a sustainable branch. 

Once people at your institution are aware of SPF and our mission, you can start recruiting members. SPF branches have between 5-20 members,and once you have selected motivated individuals to join you, you can divide up the roles (i.e., decide who is Head of Finance/ Marketing/ HR and more.)

SPF NYU Branch Founding Members

SPF NYU founding members

Charity Event at SPF Columbia 2019


Be creative and plan fundraising events with your friends!

After assembling a group of motivated students you can start planning fundraisers. Branches have hosted charity parties, bake sales, second-hand clothing sales and have partnered with local restaurants/bars and gyms to host fundraisers for other students. All funds go directly to our project! You can also organize speaker or advocacy events to emphasize the issues SPF focuses on. 

You can start your Branch anywhere.

Looking for inspiration? Meet some of our

SPF Branch founders down below.

Katharina Brenninkmeyer


Founded SPF Bocconi in 2017

Daisy Boehmler, Matteo Stoiber, Theresia Beiser

Daisy, Matteo & Theresia

Founded SPF Innsbruck in 2021

Fernando Lopez Hasegawa


Co-founded SPF Munich in 2020

The SPF Global Board and other branches are there to support you in building your branch. We are excited for you to join our community!

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