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Our Mission

The Students' Philanthropic Foundation (SPF) is a student-led charity with branches around the globe with the aim of alleviating poverty and hardship in South America and Asia through educational and vocational projects. SPF is deliberately run by students for students.




Our mission at SPF is to support the education of children and youths in South America and Asia through student-led fundraising. The idea of starting a foundation by students for students was born when a group of high school students in Germany decided they wanted to give back what they viewed as their greatest privilege: access to education. SPF aims to involve as many students around the world as possible in philanthropic work, channeling the expertise, creativity, and effort of a diverse and motivated group of individuals to ensure that every child can get an education. As a trustee foundation, SPF works together with Plan International to actualize this goal and to support educational and vocational projects that will bring about tangible and positive change. 



Our vision at SPF is to drastically reduce extreme poverty and hardship in the regions we support. We recognize that education is a key determinant of economic prosperity, and hope to act as a catalyst for the continuous improvement of quality of life and economic development in the aforementioned regions. Additionally, we want to develop SPF into a charity that acts as a global point of reference for students that want to get involved in philanthropic work. At SPF, we want to inspire students to work for a greater good wherever and whenever possible. 

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