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Future Prospects for Young Women

Project Measures

Vocational training for 460 young women.

Further training for employers on decent working conditions, labor law and gender equity.

Protection training for 460 women with focus on human rights, labor law, protection against human trafficking and strengthening self-confidence.

Help us
initiate prospective careers.

Your impact matters.

Your funds help provide 460 young women with vocational training specified to in-demand labor market skills in Pokhara in the district of Kaski.


Through this project, young Nepalese women acquire the necessary qualifications to gain a foothold in professions predominantly practiced by men. During internships, participants obtain experience and establish contacts in the working world. Your contributions financially support vocational training for 460 young women on the one side and, on the other further training for employers on providing decent working conditions, labor law, and gender equity.

Jayanti's Story

Jayanti grew up in a small community about 700 kilometres west of Kathmandu. At an early age, she had to drop out of school and work in her family's fields. Her life changed when she attended a two-month vocational training by Plan. She learned to make furniture and decorations out of rattan. Together with several other women, she founded a company. Today they produce furniture for the local market and additionally export to India.

"We women can do the same work as men," Jayanti says. "We just need the opportunities! When young women get the chance, they not only change their own lives but also help others to do the same.

Why Nepal?


Everyday, around 1,500 young Nepalese migrate abroad. Poor working conditions, low wages, and severely limited job and training opportunities, especially in rural areas, cause them to leave their home country. Particularly for young women it is difficult to obtain quality training or secure jobs. This reduces chances of own income and leading a self-determined life.


However, Nepal has promising markets such as tourism and hospitality, with an annual growth rate of 7%. The job opportunities attract many from rural areas to the Pokhara project region. 

The Project

The Project

With this project, we provide 460 young women with vocational training specified to in-demand labor market skills. Participants include women who have come to Pokhara from rural areas, women from ethnic minorities, and 60 women with disabilities. To ensure that young mothers can participate, we arrange suitable childcare facilities, such as daycare centres. For particularly disadvantaged mothers, we will pay the childcare fees. All are expected to earn a living wage and benefit from better working conditions.


The vocational training curriculum includes English, basic finance, computer skills, and job application training. Women will acquire the necessary knowledge to gain a foothold in professions that so far are predominantly practiced by men. During internships, project participants gain initial impressions and experience in the desired occupational fields and establish contacts in the working world.


Additionally, 300 employers participate in the project to ensure safe and decent working conditions.

Help build future prospects
for young women. 

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