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We are a network of students around the globe that come together to fundraise, volunteer and raise awareness. Join one of our volunteering sessions or speaker talks and learn more about our members! 


Members at SPF

SPF has members around the globe that connect in regular member touchpoints and bonding events. Our members are connected by their passion for making a difference. 

Since SPF has so many inspiring members in our various branches, we implemented member spotlights, where you can learn more about our members, their background and their motivations.

Follow us on our Instagram @spf.members to see the newest member spotlights and to learn more abour inspiring members around the world!


SPF Milan members volunteering
at Pane Quotidiano Onlus,
the Daily Bread Association
in 2017

SPF Barcelona members volunteering at Humana's clothing donation program in 2021

SPF Volunteering

At SPF, we encourage our members to volunteer locally for causes that they are passionate about. 

Volunteering connects our members to their local communities and our branch members across the world have found volunteering together with other SPF members one of the most rewarding experiences at SPF.

Some branches volunteer at local soup kitchens like Serve the City Paris or Pane Quotidiano in Milan, while others, like our Barcelona branch volunteered at Humana.

SPF Speaker Series

SPF Conversations-6.png

Part of SPF's mission is to raise awareness around philanthropy, non-profits and charity work, as well as underpriviliged youths around the world. To discuss these topics and reflect on charity work with thought leaders in different fields, we regularly host our panel and speaker series. 

We usually announce our events on our Instagram page and anyone can sign up and join our discussions. We look forward to seeing at our next speaker event!

SPF Speaker Event in 2021

SPF Speaker Event on Responsible Investing 2020

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