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Employment for Bolivian Youths

Below please find details on the educational project SPF funded in Bolivia until the end of 2018. We believe in long-term commitment to projects and will generally support projects for a minimum of three years, subject to project goals being met.

Project Region

La Paz and Tarija

Why Bolivia?


Bolivia is South America’s poorest country where 60.1% of the population lives in poverty with no access to drinking water and sewage services. Particularly in rural areas, vocational opportunities are very limited and child labor is often still commonplace. In urban areas, many young people are employed in precarious jobs that frequently directly harm their health. Bolivia’s core industries of mining, forestry and agriculture are increasingly threatened by climate change and resource depletion, creating additional need for change. Vocational training and education is hence urgently needed to allow Bolivia’s young men and women to find employment within their rapidly evolving economy and escape the poverty cycle. 

The Project

For this project, SPF partners with the internationally renowned charity organization Plan International, an organization with local presence and expertise. Together, we help young women and men aged 15 to 24 to improve their professional skills and gain employment. 830 young adults - 60% of them women - from a total of five communities in the La Paz and Tarija regions benefit directly from measures undertaken. The project centers around vocational training as well as apprenticeships and internships. These enable the individuals we work with to find well-paid, secure and decent jobs or become self- employed. Our aim is to significantly improve the standard of living of the local population in the long- term. Additionally, we specifically provide training for so-called "green jobs", which focus on sustainability and the environmentally-conscious use of natural resources. 

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